Breathtaking naturalized landscapes.

Breathtaking naturalized hardscapes.

You love the Chesapeake and Virginia Beach area for its rugged terraine and breathtaking shoreline. We love it too. That’s why we’ve honed our skills and intimate knowledge of the region to create inspiring outdoor spaces in harmony with our natural environment.

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Re-imagining your property’s outdoors is a big investment, so you need to get it right. Partnering with Outdoor Restorations Inc. gives you access to award-winning designers, the finest craftsmen in Virgina with a level of service that goes beyond expectations. Guaranteed.

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It’s so easy to talk about “quality” and “service,” which is why we decided to make it our mission statement to always provide the utmost quality of services. "The Outdoor Way" is a series of specific ideologies in place to ensure you feel good about your project. You can go ahead and relax — long before we break ground.

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At Outdoor Restorations Inc., we know you love this unique region. We love it too! That’s why we’ve devoted our lives to helping homeowners in Chesapeake & surrounding areas shape their properties in ways that captivate, inspire and bring them closer to nature.

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Getting you closer to nature.

At Outdoor Restorations Inc., we believe natural beauty enriches lives. That’s why we’ve spent the last two decades helping homeowners shape the rugged landscape of Virginia in ways that captivate, inspire and bring them closer to nature.
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Based in Chesapeake, VA, and works across Virginia, and North Carolina.

In Harmony - Your Complete Guide to Naturalized Landscapes

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